What is Corporate Sustainability?

The term itself is not universally used – the practice is often referred to as Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Corporate Citizenship, or Corporate Social Responsibility.

There is no singular, globally accepted definition for Corporate Sustainability. Businesses define it – the social, environmental, ethical and economic impacts – opportunistically to meet the particular needs of an organization.

And there is no standardized practice model.

But  there are expectations that companies go beyond legal compliance and demonstrate  integrity, transparency and responsibility in business decisions that affect day-to-day operations. Traditional financial indicators are no longer the sole measures of business success.

Corporate  Responsibility & Sustainability is an evolving practice with the potential to impact outcomes across the organization. There are huge potential gains for progressive companies that choose to embrace the opportunities it presents. These companies recognize the value in taking steps to implement a program not for what it is called, but what it encompasses.

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