Raising the Bar – Setting New Standards

A company with plans for a major new development budgeted 18 months for permitting and the public hearing process. Historically, industry in the area had not managed community, stakeholder, and NGO issues well. But this company knew success hinged on community acceptance and set out to engage the community and understand stakeholder concerns before receiving the permits.

When the public comment period opened, no comments were registered – this was unprecedented. The company’s local presence and community focus during the planning process allowed potential issues to be identified and resolved before the public comment period  opened. 

This effort was credited with cutting at least six months from the project schedule. Not only was the company able to fast-track the project, they were able to capture the savings with early startup and begin generating revenue before the competition. 

This process became the model for managing stakeholder issues not only for the company, but within the industry.

Raising the bar—setting new standards