It’s a Win-Win Proposition When You Get it Right

Malaria control is one of the great Corporate Responsibility success stories in Africa. In some regions, high malaria infection rates in the indigenous workforce not only impact public health, but local economies, the ability to earn a living, and business continuity. 

The ultimate solution was eradication of the disease using community based   education about malaria exposure and transmission, use of residual spraying, along with screens and bed nets to limit exposure in homes, and eliminating standing water. 

Capacity building among the government and health care professionals was the component that would make this a sustainable effort. The government was provided skills and expertise to manage the program independently; health care workers were provided with training, exposure to new treatment protocols, diagnostic techniques and equipment.

The program’s progress was closely monitored. Rates of infection were monitored and location and prevalence of infected mosquitos was mapped. The effort is ongoing, but the government now manages the effort using the skills acquired during the intital phases of the program.

This initiative represents a successful partnership between industry, government, and NGOs on the ground. It has helped local communities combat a serious health issue, stabilizing local and personal economies, and company production is supported with a stable workforce. This investment linked business needs with a social  program that helps both the companies and the community.