Our View

What We Think About Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability.

We at Convergence Advisors believe that companies making strategic social  investments are more competitive and better positioned to take advantage of market opportunities. Studies have documented they are leaders in their fields and have better returns on assets, investment, and capital.

Substance Matters.

It doesn’t matter what you call your effort – Sustainability, Corporate (Social) Responsibility, or Corporate Citizenship – what matters is the substance and sustainability of your efforts.

Strategy and Communication Will Make or Break Your Effort.

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility touches virtually every business function within an organization.  A targeted strategy – one that is aligned with your business strategy, corporate culture, and shareholder interests, coupled with a well thought-out communications effort are key to success.

Begin with the End in Sight.

Understand what your organization expects from a Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability effort at the outset, and create meaningful metrics that will show progress toward goals.

Quality, Not Quantity.

Focus initiatives – too many unfocused efforts will dilute momentum, and they will ultimately lose impact.

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